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Originally Posted by Daft Raider View Post
Quit being dramatic and twisting my words. Iím saying that changing the fundamentals of a game and changing the main character completely for the sole purpose of catering to an audience that didnít play the game before alienates the audience that the game originally catered too. This says that the casual gamers dollar is valued more than the audience that was already there, the people that supported the franchise are tossed aside and left in the dust.
Actually what the reboot says is that the casual gamers are necessary for the survival of the franchise. So their money is as valuable as yours or mine. And when new entries are created both sides need to be taken in consideration. You would never be able to keep the franchise alive by catering to the core fandom and relegate the casuals to a second place. That's not how business works, sorry. But as I said in my previous post, they need to find a better balance.

Originally Posted by Daft Raider View Post
Of course you donít see the problem with this because the franchise is currently catering to you, a demographic that the game wasnít originally created to cater too.
And what demographic is that? The one that has supported the franchise non-stop since the beginning? I wasn't introduced to TR yesterday, you know.
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