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Originally Posted by Quebsenuef View Post
Iíve got I think half way through the story.

I really do not like the parts where Im not Spider-Man. I donít want to be MJ or Miles. You guys make it so much fun to be Spider-Man... then you take it away for me. Granted itís not that long but still. I hope it doesnít happen again but I have a feeling it will.
Interestingly, I love those parts as they provide a nice little break from 'the same' (not that we need one imo but I didn't mind it) and in both cases add a lot to those characters development. I loved the very specific transitions, characters always meet with Spidey and in MJ case you always go back 15mins so you are actually not switiching to a new point of view for a part of the story you are simply experiencing the same part again through MJs eyes. Very interesting and fresh imo
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