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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I wouldn't mind save files either. One for the first set of levels and one for the second. I can deal with losing all my collected stuff as it's practically canon for Lara to lose all her stuff anyway.
I'll look into that.

The Invent method allows the player to take as much spare vector/Scorpion X ammo as they want considering how rare ammo for them usually is.

The problem is the second set of levels though.

There's no way to save on Von Croy's Apartment with the duals since finishing Galleries under siege strips Lara of weapons, and using Invent means the player has to skip a level.

I guess I could share a save for Monstrum Crime scene with all the pick-ups collected in the apartment level instead, so once you finish Von Croy's Apartment and see the intro cutscene for Crime Scene you can just load the save.

Any suggestions for a site to upload these saves to?

There's going to be two.

Backstreets save: Dual Vectors loaded with 4 extra Darts for the SS (since you normally only get 3 shots for it in the entire game.) as an extra.

Crime Scene Save:The Periapt Shard from the Lovure, Von Croy's Notebook, Enough money to buy the Scorpion-X from Luddick, Dual and single Vector's, both loaded with 4 spare magazines, dual scorpion-X loaded with a single spare reload, as well as the items from Von Croy's apartment.

I've got them both created, I just need a site to host them on.
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