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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
I presume a cave-in is alot worse than being stranded, you'd probably feel completely useless in a cave-in while when you're stranded you can at least try to do things to help you survive.
Itís more the fact that, by the Last Revelation, Laraís career had largely consisted of crumbling caves and tombs. Thereís no indication from anything in the games that the one in Egypt was particularly rough, though I know thatís where the amulet and tribe wouldíve come in. Comparatively, the plane crash happened when she had no experience, until TR4/5 retconned in her teenage adventures, and yet that was the making of her.

I suppose thatís what AoD itself was meant to be, the real event that ďmadeĒ Lara again and the cave-in was just the catalyst, but I donít feel thatís implemented well either. She doesnít feel very different by the end of the game, nothing about her behaviour was unpacked or acknowledged. I suppose Iíll never know if it wouldíve succeeded and won me around because it was never finished.
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