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Originally Posted by Catapharact View Post
Well the new DLC will be releasing here in Canada on November 26, 2019. Looking forward to it. Its interesting that they chose to bring Hilde back when there were more calls by the fans to have Setsuna back. I remember there was a lot of backlash against Hilde by the fans with her being too unbalanced in Soul Calibur 4. I personally didn't see the issue; If anything, Ivy is a hell of a lot more unbalanced compared to Hilde.

I am loving her new look. She is adequately armored but still open for movement.
Setsuka and either of the Korean guys are probably coming right after Haohmaru so maybe it's a "best for last" kind of thing? Lol.

I'm pleasantly surprised by Hilde's redesign.

I like her new face and hair!

The boob-shaped Armor is ridiculous though 😂😅
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