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Downloaded the Season 2 version of the game, the Character Creation and Hilde DLCs today and I am somewhat satisfied with what Namco has given us.

Lets start with Hilde and the new added moves for various characters:

- Hilde had the potential for becoming as broken as she was in Soul Calibur 4 had it not been the addition of new moves for another Soul Calibur 6 character (who I'll get to momentarily.) She has excellent Mid to Short-ranged attacks and very devastating long ranged heavy attacks. If timed right, you can easily win a fight with four heavy attack moves. The downside to Hilde is that she has a slow recovery time between moves; Almost on par with Nightmare. New players can be easily taken off-guard but for the veterans (especially those who main as Nightmare,) you can easily lul someone into believing that they have an opening for an attack and then you can counter with heavy hitting moves.

Moving onto new character moves:

- With the addition of new moves, Groh has become even more formidable; To the point where he could easily be OP. His Steed of the Night Powerup has gotten additional moves, making him just as flightly as Cervantes without the lag, which makes him more dangerous. The upside is the fact that Steed of the Night can only be used during Soul Charge. However, given that this is Groh, that won't be an issue at all.

Finally we come the new Character Creation DLC:

- Kind of a downer that we only have four new set of costume ensembles and two of them belong to Hilde. That only leaves two costume sets for male characters. Seems kinda imbalanced but I am sure this will all change once new DLCs with male characters arrive. On an important note, we FINALLY have proper armor for female characters! God damn, this has been a long way coming. Hilde's Armor is so versatile that it can easily be incorporated into a lot of clothing sets, which is very much appreciated given that what was available, your female characters looked either really clunky, drab, boring but reasonably functional as a fighter or they looked really cool but also seemed like they belong at a Halloween party rather than a sword duel.

How one of my female character looks in a full classic Hilde Armor set:

Please bear in mind that I am advocating the need to change all the female characters in the game into full armor clad lancers so please refrain from commenting with a statement like "what? you want to put all female characters in burkas?" Far from it actually. Its just would be nice to see more female outfits that are a cool looking and relatively functional medium between a Burka and metal thong.

Other than that, the new layout looks amazing, the new online ranking system is very well welcomed and the new stages are wonderful addition.

P.S. Regarding Hilde's story; You will find out as to why Hilde and Siegfried never became a thing. Unfortunately... It happened due to a very uncomfortable reality of the Medieval times *cue banjo music.*
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