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Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
As a game in its own right, it's the best one out of Crystal's TR games and actually pretty fun but as a Tomb Raider game it really misses the mark.
I prefer Underworld over Legend because it looked as if CD had begun to understood what makes a good TR rather than just a decent but unremarkable third person shooter.

I've always put that down to the work they did on Anniversary which, in parts, I think is an excellent reworking of the original game. It is, mostly, the new gameplay ideas they introduced that fell flat for me. When they were forced to stick to the original template it is at its best.

I still think the one truly original addition was the Sanctuary of Scion ladder room which is a puzzle area worthy of the original.

Both are far from perfect and whilst there is nothing terribly wrong with Legend it is not TR and IMHO inferior to both those other CD TR games of that generation.
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