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My overall impression of TR5 is meh, although I love the Ireland levels. Now, for the list of things I hate that popped into my head immediately:

The bugs, especially in the last level of VCI. I literally needed a walkthrough to find out where I could save the game without triggering one game-breaking bug or another.

The tightrope and parallel bars. Not bad ideas on paper, but the implementation was terrible.

I found the Rome and Submarine levels to be repetitive and boring. It's a weird irony that I think the game overall was too short, but I also think most of the levels were too long XD I think they should have shortened Rome and the Submarine and then maybe have an additional area that's something different, like jungle or desert. The story was a disconnected mess anyway, so it wouldn't have mattered if they shoehorned in another random memory that fits at some ambiguous and/or contradictory point in the timeline.

The whole thing with Larson and Pierre dying twice really confused me until I realized that TR5 Rome is supposed to come first and therefore their TR5 deaths must be a mistake. I initially thought it was the other way around because I could believe they survived getting shot, but getting eaten by a dragon or falling off a cliff both seem pretty definite to me.

Also, the rest of the story sucked too but I forgot the details until I read other people's posts in this thread I agree with the criticisms, especially that really weird scene with teenage Lara about to take off her shirt. That was just creepy.
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