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- Lack of innovation compared to the previous TR games - At least the previous TR games always added a few gameplay mechanics or platforming elements to the game like new stunts or vehicles for Lara to ride. What does Chronicles add? Tightrope walking, which was not really a good addition to begin with.

- Losing your inventory between levels was lame. If the game is going to have four separate storylines that are not connected in anyway, might as well let us choose which story to start out with.

- Lack of traps - Where all the traps in this game? It felt like the only type of trap we can encounter the whole game is the occasional spike trap. I guess there's those laser traps they rehashed from Nevada in TRIII. Considering the amount of creative traps TRIV had, I expected better.

- Bringing back unkillable swarm enemies from TRIV (rats, bats, etc.).

I use to complain about the story telling in this game, but I kind of grown fond of the anthological plot in this game. There were some weird plot inconsistencies like Pierre supposedly falling to his death Rome and then returning later in TRI. But this can be explained by the fact that the story is being told through the perspective of Lara's peers. At least the story is not a hot mess like Resident Evil 0.
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