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I had the benefit of playing Legend when I didn't know about this community and wasn't online looking at what fans and critics were saying. Therefore I could play it with innocent eyes and judge it entirely on my own reaction to it.

At the time I played the living **** out of the game, I loved it so much. I liked the faster-paced gameplay and how the game felt way more forgiving with its checkpoint system. I also loved the music and art that went into the game, as well as the sheer amount of unlockable content the game offers. I always love a game that has a crap tonne of costumes and other things to play around with.

However I don't think the game has aged all that well and especially since coming on here I've realised the flaws it has. It is too short, which we all knew even back in 2006. However a big part of the reason it is too short is because the levels are far too streamlined and linear, not putting enough emphasis on exploration. I wouldn't mind, but that's an issue Crystal Dynamics have refused to resolve in almost every game since. It shouldn't have to take a remake of Tomb Raider 1, where CD were literally forced to go against their basic linear model to recreate some of Core's levels, to get a decently complicated level.
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