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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
I wonder if a system like this is more or less effort than the scripted ledges of Crystal Dynamic's games? (Anyway I prefer the Core-method, mainly because I kinda like the odd shortcut and such that comes about from it.)
Well, the main problem is that it's very difficult to do with highly detailed environments. You can see countless surfaces in Crystal's TR games that look like they should be climbable in real life but aren't in the games. This is partly because those surfaces were likely added into the level by artists after the actual level layout had already been blocked out by level designers (meaning the designer never meant for that surface to be climbable but the artist wanted the surface to look a certain way which, incidentally, also made it look like it should be climbable) and partly because, for Lara to actually interact with all of these surfaces and elements, they'd need to make additional animations, maybe even additional controls, etc. Core had it slightly easier with AoD because it was a PS2 game and because it featured mostly urban environments which tend to be made up of more simple, geometric shapes as opposed to highly organic ones like you'd find in natural environments, overgrown ruins and the like. But if Crystal actually cared enough about consistent environmental interactions, there are compromises they could've made to ensure it. This may have come at the expense of graphical fidelity or required them to work with a non-photorealistic art style but I think it would've been worth it. Clearly, they have other priorities, though.
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