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Got mine today. So much for "no post on Sundays"

There's also a new update.

Dear Backers,

It seems appropriate (but also coincidental) that in this, our 100th Kickstarter update, I can tell you that we have now posted all of the Deluxe Tin CDs which marks a significant milestone for the project as a whole. It means that all physical rewards of the Kickstarter Campaign have now been delivered to you, our backers and supporters of such a momentous and historical project. Not only that, but we have also delivered all Deluxe Tin CD pre-orders made through our website.

The completion of this project has secured The Tomb Raider Suite and the Tomb Raider Theme a place in the classical repertoire for generations to come. A remarkable achievement that marks a significant turning point for the recognition of computer games music and has surely changed the future landscape by setting the highest bar for game soundtracks.

With your support we raised a staggering £194,120 - an amount unsurpassed by any other single computer game soundtrack on Kickstarter by a long, long way. With this money we were able to record The Tomb Raider Suite at the best studio in the United Kingdom with the best engineers and equipment that money can buy. With 83 musicians and a 40-voice choir, Abbey Road believes we set the record by having the highest number of musicians recorded live in the history of the studio. Not only did we record the album there but we were also afforded the luxury to have it mixed and mastered there – something which has only happened to 3 other albums at that studio in the last 30 years!

It is entirely thanks to your invaluable support that this has been possible.

To be able to say that The Tomb Raider Suite was recorded, mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in England is something to be extremely proud of and something which is not likely to happen again for a very long time.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart – together we have made gaming history.

And so, here are the details of this very special 100th Kickstarter Update.

Since our last update we have been busy packing and posting Deluxe Tin CDs with more shipments going out across the globe. We’ve had reports back from Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Germany that parcels have been received, so it looks like our strategy to avoid the Christmas backlog is working.

Shipments we have made this week are as follows:

Posted 4th January 2020

Delivery date: 9th January 2020

Anticipated delivery date: 27th January 2020

Posted 6th January 2020

Anticipated delivery date: 13th January 2020

Posted 9th January 2020

United States
Anticipated delivery date: 29th January 2020

Posted 11th January 2020

United Kingdom
Anticipated delivery date: 17th January 2020

For now, I would like to say thank you once again for your tremendous support and patience. We have encountered many difficulties along the way and although we have completed later than we originally estimated, we are very proud to have now fulfilled your pledges and we hope and trust you are as pleased as we are with the finished albums and merchandise.

I am personally extremely pleased with what we have achieved, not just with the Kickstarter campaign itself but also outside the campaign. Here are some of the most notable moments since we started the project.

August 2016 – The Tomb Raider Suite was written
November 2016 – The Tomb Raider Suite score was produced (arranged by Adam Langston)
December 2016 – The World Premier of The Tomb Raider Suite was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the City of London choir and was conducted by Robert Ziegler at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London
May 2017 – The Kickstarter campaign was launched
June 2017 – The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded raising £194,120 (121% of the funding goal)
October 2017 – The Tomb Raider Suite was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Metro Voices Choir. Conducted again by Robert Ziegler and recorded by Sam Okell.
January 2018 – The Tomb Raider Suite website was launched including an e-commerce shop
January/February 2018 – The Tomb Raider Suite was mixed by Paul Pritchard at Abbey Road Studios in London
February 2018 – The Tomb Raider Suite was mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios in London
April 2018 – The Tomb Raider Medley was performed by the Video Games Orchestra at PAX East, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
April 2018 – The Tomb Raider Suite Composer Buffet Reception Album Launch Party was held at Hatfield House in England. A selection of special octet arrangements were performed by String Infusion
September 2018 – The Tomb Raider Suite gets its second major performance at the Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London. Performed by the Senbla Concert Orchestra and the English Chamber Choir and conducted by Elliot Davis
October 2018 – The Tomb Raider Theme from The Tomb Raider Suite is played on national radio by John Suchet on Classic FM
October 2018 – 2 days later The Tomb Raider Suite is released on all major Digital Download and Streaming services
January 2019 – The first trailer for our Tomb Raider Remastered TV Documentary is released
February 2019 – The Tomb Raider Suite was released on CD
June 2019 – The Tomb Raider Suite is released in hi-quality .mp3 and .flac formats
August 2019 – First full-length assembly of the Tomb Raider Remastered TV Documentary is completed
August 2019 – The Tomb Raider Suite is released on vinyl record as a Double Vinyl Album
December 2019 – The Tomb Raider Suite is confirmed for its next major live performance at Le Grand Rex in Paris. The date is set for Saturday 24th October 2020, right in the middle of Paris Games Week
January 2020 – The Tomb Raider Suite Deluxe Tin CD is released
And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us up to where we are today.

While the campaign did raise an additional £34,120 above our funding goal, (nearly half of this went on credit card and Kickstarter fees) it’s worth noting that there was never really enough to complete all of our stretch goals. In fact, we were so determined to produce the highest quality recording possible, we decided to spend practically all of the additional funding on the Abbey Road recording itself. We desperately needed a fifth recording session, for example, which was not in our original budget. We increased the size of the orchestra from 67 to 83 musicians and the choir from 16 to 40 musicians and we also afforded ourselves the luxury of having the album mixed and mastered at Abbey Road. These things pretty much ate up any stretch goal money we had.

Having said that, we were always committed to completing as many of our stretch goals as possible, one of these being the Tomb Raider Remastered TV documentary.

To make a documentary at the quality required for broadcast television is not cheap, and when we first decided to do this, we calculated it would cost approximately £160,000. It was clear right from the start that we did not have enough money from the campaign to complete this. But that didn’t stop us. Our company motto “Never give up”, which the vinyl owners of you may have noticed is inscribed on the playout area of every disc, drove us forward to finding a way to make a £160,000 TV documentary with no money. We currently have our first full-length assembly ready.

The Kickstarter campaign was exactly that. A funding campaign to “kickstart” our business into action. To think of it in any other way is wrong. Our business is now alive and kicking – thanks to you – and we hope you appreciate the quality of our products which we have delivered and which we feel the Tomb Raider brand deserves.

Our main focus moving forward from here will be to complete the Tomb Raider Remastered TV documentary, delivering the remaining website pre-orders and holding the San Francisco Composer Buffet Reception.

For the TV documentary, we have a few interviews still left to film and then we start the process of completing post production: finalising the edit to picture lock, obtaining clearances for every single shot in the film, grading and mixing the sound.

Regarding the San Francisco Composer Buffet Reception which we remain committed to putting on, we have a plan for this now and we will be disclosing full details in a subsequent update soon.

Apart from these, we still plan to release the original Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 soundtracks and the synthesizer mixes of The Tomb Raider Suite as soon as possible whilst all the time finding as many opportunities as we can to put on more live concerts.

So we are far from finished…!

Kindest regards as always

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