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Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
I would love for you to give us the extra story elements, thanks very much.
And here's all the extra story elements from the new levels of PoP: Rival Swords on PSP, as promised. BTW, I managed to find some videos on YT that show off most of the new areas. The missing ones aren't necessarily anything to lose sleep over(as I'll explain later on), but I think it's always nice to have a proper visual of what you'd expect to come across, when exploring these new areas

Anyway, here we go:

The Fortress(Sand Gate 1)-

*Upon plunging the dagger into the sand gate, the camera fades to a different spot, showing the Prince falling into what looks like a yellow vortex. Eventually, the game loads up the new area and the Prince screams* BTW, this same sequence happens every time you enter and exit a Sand gate.

Arriving in the first new area exclusive to certain copies of PSP Rival Swords(which looks like a temple focused around waterwheels and a familiar-looking statue at the end of the gigantic room), we are treated with our first newly voice-acted conversation between the regular Prince and the Dark Prince-

Dark Prince: Well, that went well.

Prince: Maybe following the Vizier through that gate wasn't such a good idea. What is this place?

Dark Prince: It looks like some kind of temple.

Prince: Could all this have been made by the Vizier? Look at that statue.

*The blue-colored statue shown in the camerashot, looks similar to the Vizier's current appearance*

Dark Prince: Hmm, there certainly is a resemblance. Let us take a closer look at that altar.

Prince: It looks as though this temple hasn't functioned in quite some time. The gears on that waterwheel look rusted through.

Dark Prince: *sarcastic tone* Perhaps if you find a way to operate them, we can proceed.

Second conversation-

Prince: This temple reminds me of a tale my father once told me, of the Lord of Time. An acolyte of Zurvan was able to harness the energy of three temples and become more than a man. He was the very incarnation of Zurvan on Earth. Overflowing with the power of a god, he ravaged and enslaved my people.

Dark Prince: What does a child's bedtime story have to do with anything?

Prince: The story goes on to tell of a great king. Using surprise to their advantage, his armies destroyed the temples. Bravely, the king lead his men forward and after a great battle defeated Zurvan's minion, driving the power from his body. The merciful king spared his life, exiling him to the mountains of India.

Dark Prince: The fool! Never leave an enemy alive!

Prince: The Vizier must have uncovered the lost temples of Zurvan. How else could he have taken control of the sands? Even with the dagger?

Dark Prince: So, what are you going to do about it?

*Temple starts to collapse*

Dark Prince: Run, you fool!

*At the end of the level*

Dark Prince: Quickly! The portal has reopened.

*After leaving the sand gate and returning to the main level*

Dark Prince: Well, that certainly went according to plan, did it not? *sighs* You really should know by now that entering portals made of sand, only leads to trouble.

Prince: I will simply have to resort to a more traditional form of transport.

Dark Prince: Hopefully with greater success.

The Lower City(Sand Gate 2)-

Upon arriving in the new area(which looks somewhat like a brothel), the Prince immediately runs to a nearby door, only to have it close on him.

Prince: Wonderful. Another locked door and no way back.

Dark Prince: Leave a little faith. When opportunity closes a door, she opens a window. Look! *camera shows there's a hole in the wall for you to get through*

Prince: I don't think the Vizier knows we're here.

*After getting through the hole in the wall, the camera surveys the room, showing it to be filled with gold and jewels*

Prince: Not very many guards for such a large treasure.

Enemy guard(below the Prince's current location, who is talking to other fellow guards): The latest shipment has arrived. Soon, this city will be drained of its wealth as well. Hail Zurvan!

Prince: My people enslaved! Their riches stolen! His greed knows no bounds.

The Balconies(Sand Gate 3)-
This time, we find ourselves in a new area, that is more reminiscent of the bonus health rooms from Sands of Time, albeit a lot more fancier looking than how it was in that game. According to this bonus level, it turns out that back in Sands of Time, Kaileena had been helping the Prince throughout the events in that game, by providing him with extra health(although I suppose due to Forgotten Sands's existence now, this plot point is most likely retconned to make it seem like Razia was the one behind the bonus health rooms in Sands of Time and not Kaileena.)

Still, if you don't like Forgotten Sands, this probably won't matter to you. But this might be relevant info for those who do like the game and prefer one plot point over another.. Just putting it out there

BTW, if you try to jump off one of the bridges and kill yourself, the game will simply teleport you back to the center of the room and your gameplay movement is slowed down slightly(during your brief time in this area), as you proceed to the mysterious fountain in front of you.

*We start hearing Kaileena's disembodied voice beckoning the Prince to come to the fountain at the end of this small room and drink from it, in order to remember the Eye of the Storm(or the ability to slow down time)*

Kaileena: Drink and remember.

Prince: I remember this place, from my time in Azad. I thought it was a dream.

Dark Prince: Even then, the Empress was helping us. Incredible!

Running to the center of the room(which is walking distance from our starting position), we see a medium-sized yellow hourglass in the middle of the two staircases both leading to the fountain, which has a symbol floating above it surrounded by a bit of blinding light, in relation to the power you're about to re-learn and a symbol from Warrior Within etched into stone in the distance(but colored yellow, instead of red.)

Kaileena: Remember the Eye of the Storm.

Prince: (after drinking from the fountain and waking up in a similar way to the health upgrade sections)*groans* I remember.

Dark Prince: Ohh, that looks painful. I remember her being much gentler on the voyage here. Perhaps she's upset with you? You did get her killed after all.

Prince: *groans in pain* Kaileena! Even in death, you aid me.

The Temple Rooftops(Sand Gate 4)-

Prince: That is my father's flagship! How could it have come here?

Dark Prince: Guess it's not like him to leave his toys out.

Prince: Be silent! You are not worthy to speak his name!

Dark Prince: Sensitive, are we?

*While running up a sinking tower to the top*

Dark Prince: You'll never make it in time. Use the dagger!

*After successfully getting to the top*

Prince: This statue! Its damage mirrors the one I struck before. There must be a link between them and the Vizier!

Dark Prince: Lucky for you that he should leave them unguarded.

The Market District(Sand Gate 5)-

Prince: What's this? Another treasure vault? And how convenient. They've left the door open.

Dark Prince: Not so fast! Remember Prince, things that seem too good to be true...

Prince: ...Usually are, yes! For once I agree with you.

Dark Prince: Up there! The window!

*After getting through the window*

Dark Prince: See! Now, where would you be without me?

Prince: Huh? *upon noticing enemies below*

*If you get caught by enemies*

Dark Prince: Look out!

The Upper City(Sand Gate 6)-
Practically the same bonus area as Sand Gate 3, except this time, you learn the winds of sand through drinking from a special fountain.

Kaileena: Drink and remember.

Kaileena: Remember the power of the wind.

Prince: *groans in pain* I remember.

Dark Prince: Again, the Empress grants you her power. You must have made a bigger impression on her, than I thought.

The City Gardens(Sand Gate 7)-

Prince: What's this? Cat got your tongue? I would have expected you to complain about how I've forgotten my mission or something by now.

Dark Prince: I might, if I thought it would do any good. You have made it painfully apparent, that you have no desire to kill the Vizier at all. Or you would have confronted him by now.

Prince: Just how do you propose we get there? The floor is gone!

Dark Prince: *groans towards Prince, in a dismissive kind of way*

*After transforming into Dark Prince and beginning your ascent*

Dark Prince: Better hurry.

*Upon succeeding in your goal and returning back to the portal, reverting back to the regular Prince in the process*

Prince: Made it! The destruction of the third altar, should make the Vizier vulnerable.

Dark Prince: A sound theory. Perhaps if you ever catch up with him, we can test it.

Prince: He cannot run forever.

The Promenade(Sand Gate 8)-
*Upon arriving in the new area, we find ourselves surrounded by 3 guards*

Dark Prince: We seem to be expected.

Prince: Only three? Father must be putting up more of a fight, than he expected.

*After defeating the guards*

Prince: He should know better by now. Even transformed, they are no match for me.

The Hanging Gardens(Sand Gate 9)-
Again, the same exact level as Sand gates 3 and 6, except with a different power to learn this time around... And the last one too.

Kaileena: Drink and remember.

Kaileena: Remember the fury of the sandstorms.

Prince: *groans* I must hurry. Farah is waiting.

Dark Prince: Don't want to have to explain how your dead lover is helping you from beyond the grave? I'm sure she would love to hear about your holiday on the island of time.

And that's it. Hope I've satisfied everyone's curiosity, in regards to the new story elements brought up in the PSP version of Rival Swords. Enjoy

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