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the prices of some computer games are insane.

I was in CEX a while ago to see if there was anything worth buying, while there I saw Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes on sale for 110 euro claiming to be asking for a friend I asked was that price accurate or a mistake he said it was accurate and said it was for the collectors edition.

I googled MGS Twin Snakes collectors edition when I got home and found no evidence of there being one.

Many years ago one day in GAME I saw a card game called Eye of Judgement on sale for 110 euro and the most expensive digital game I've seen Assassin's Creed 3 90 euro on PSN which is excessive for a game that comes with no box, disc or manual.

That was years ago I'm not sure how much AAA digital games cost these days I stopped checking years ago.

I hate birds 10 minutes ago I saw 3 Magpies ganging up on my cat so I ran out to save her, the last time this happened before the pandemic started it was Blackbirds they were constantly divebombing her and flying away, she got so stressed out she peed on the living room floor I had to get her something from the vet to calm her down

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