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Default Tomb Raider 4K Upscaled Pre-Rendered Cutscenes

Hey, not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this.
I have made a guide on Steam about this, feel free to look at the guide via this link: Steam Guide

Thanks to Gh0stBlade for converting the Definitive Edition cutscenes from PS4 to PC, I have to used them to be upscaled to 4K, using AI Upscaling Software.

There might not be such a *WOW* upgrade from the initial original cutscenes, as the AI can only do as much as it can to upscale these cutscenes into 4K, plus the individual BIK videos must be below 2GB, else Bink Video Engine would have a hard time with playing the videos back in-game.

For screenshots, please see the guide, since I have tried inserting images on the post by they will show as full resolution of 3840x2160. I do not want to clutter this post with massive sized screenshots.

The guide also has the download link, but I will attach it here as well, its Google Drive so you do not have to worry about download speed limitation.
4K Upscaled Pre-Rendered Cutscenes - Google Drive

File Size: 4.47GB (Have not compressed the RAR archive).

I will see that Rise of the Tomb Raider Cutscenes upscaled. Funnily enough, the Avalanche & Water cutscene effects are in BIK format, which I did not realise.
I would not be able to upscale these effects as they cause weird artefacts when rendering in-game, I believe they are forced to render at the original BIK resolution, else the effects will break in-game.

I have seen the BIK movie files within Rise of the Tomb Raider, only big difference they have between TR 2013, is that they contain many audio tracks for different languages (so I have to place the audio tracks back in, in a correct order on how they were originally), aside from that, the audio is in Mono instead of Stereo.
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