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It was never made clear so I always knew there was a possibility I wouldn't be able to carry over my progress to the full release but I hoped, and as they stated in the message, this wipeout was never planned which implies progress was always meant to be carried over. I do understand it's early access and technical difficulties happen, but come on, why did it have to be this? I don't blame the developers but it is beyond frustrating. I don't really care that "we're not supposed to be playing this game" either - as if that somehow justifies it. I downloaded this free-to-play game just like other person in Thailand or Philippines and I have a player ID just like them. I certainly put hours and faith into this game that not many other players did, that's for sure. And now it means jack.

I'm with UroshUchiha, I don't understand why we at the very least can't keep our weapons and levels. I could understand losing our chapter progress and coins/gems, but they could give us back our gear. This "compensation" they speak of will probably be a few coins and gems that we will be able to do very little with.

It's a real shame it had to turn out this way but I suppose that's that. I'll keep an eye out on the game and its updates but I won't be playing for a long time.
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