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@Mikky my Lara is level 36. That's a lot of hours spent on this. Thankfully I played it while I was walking my dog so I literally had nothing better to do so I guess I can't be too mad that I "wasted" my time on the game cause it was helping me pass the time.

But yeah, again, our data is still there, it's not lost. It just probably means that someone over there has to manually restore stuff and that's too much work for anyone and I don't wish that upon anyone to do. "When there's a will there's a way" saying comes to mind, manual or not, but yeah, that's a lot of work for someone to go through to satisfy EA testers.

At least I learned a valuable lesson, I am not gonna play nor support any EA game in the future. Yes, I knew the risk was there, but it still doesn't make it any less disappointing.

I'll apply for the "compensation" to get something back and keep it until after full release, at least something.

Worst case scenario, use the Android emulator on PC, find a modded apk later down the line if someone makes one and speedrun through the game just to see the content.
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