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I mean, when a game is early access, it automatically implies that anything could happen, even if not stated explicitly. It means it's not in a finished state, so nobody should put hours and hours in it like if it was a finished product.
See it more like a testing phase, where everything could change: you're the tester, and you're more expected to give feedback and report issues rather than to play seriously for your own enjoyment, so you can help making the finished product good.
It seems like they're going through a drastic technical change that makes it too complicated to port player's progress to the new version. It would require additional development time, and considering it's a free product with a low budget, they probably just can't afford doing that, especially considering there are only a handful of players (it would be a huge effort for little benefit, or even losses).

Of course I'm not denying the frustration and I totally understand, but what I mean is it you can't be angry at the developers for that. It had to be expected from the start when you accepted playing a game in early access state, so yes it does justify it. And the same should be expected for every product you try in early access, generally speaking. If you don't want this risk, you should only wait for finished products to come out.

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