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^ Since the reverb update, FLEP works with slightly different mechanics compared to before.

The tomb4.exe isn't directly patched by FLEP, but it patches the patches.bin file instead. This patches.bin file is the "vessel" that holds the applied patches, while the tomb4.exe remains mostly unchanged by the patching process. flep.dll is the mediator between patches.bin and tomb4.exe. It allows to process the patches.bin and communicate it to the tomb4.exe, or send data from tomb4.exe to the patches. However, to allow this communication, tomb4.exe itself also had to be modified, but fortunately this is just a one-time modification and no further patching of the executable is required.

This was done to reduce the risk of FLEP-patched tomb4.exe to be picked up as malware by anti-malware programs, and seemingly it does this job quite well. The only downside is that you must include patches.bin, flep.dll and the special tomb4.exe (with a winking Lara as the icon) to ensure everything can run properly. Missing just one of these components will result in the game not launching or the patches taking no effect
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