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Legend is my favorite TR game next to the first Eidos one. It's decidedly different than the rest of the series to that point, but in a way that was a good thing, because it shook up the status quo. Yet it still felt like a Tomb Raider game.

I didn't even mind Alister and Zip, because Lara's snarky personality shined when they chimed in.

I also didn't mind that it was significantly shorter than most of the series to that point- the way I figure, it didn't overstay its welcome (hello, TR4) and gave a great experience while it lasted.

The puzzles were actually enjoyable, and a big part of it is they were relegated to one room; you didn't have to do pointless, long backtracking like most of the Eidos games.

The unlockable outfits gave an incentive to collect all the secrets, unlike the Eidos games where the secrets were more bragging rights than anything else.

Only level I'm not crazy about is Kazakhstan, but even that's not THAT bad. It's certainly no Lud's Gate.
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