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Thank you very much, Bergus, for both the update and offering to look at my issue!

From what I've seen it's rare for an outfit to have gaps larger than one unit (that's 1,95 mm at WadBlender default scale, right? I'm not good at math ), so I figure 5 mm would be enough to cover even worst case scenarios.

It needs some test though
I tested five different outfits with custom joints (a few had gaps between joints and skin).

The outfits without any gaps animated perfectly with everything staying in place. This is amazing and will be incredibly helpful for building outfits since now we can check how well custom joints deform during animations (or if they collapse in unfortunate ways, etc.) There was no quick and convenient way to do this before. A million thanks for this!

The outfits that did not line up perfectly also animated well, though the gaps between skin and joints became wider during some animations.
(edit: on further inspection it was actually just one particular outfit and one particular joint that had the issue of the gap getting wider during animations, so I think it's more that this one specific outfit / joint are broken somehow, because it was just a regular 1 unit gap and thus well within the 5mm limit, so it should have animated fine like the other joints with gaps but didn't)
I'd like to stress that I'm just mentioning this for the sake of accurately reporting my findings, not because I think it is an issue that needs fixing! It is the outfits that need fixing.

Which would bring me to a potential request: for the purpose of outfit building, would it be possible to implement the option to import skin and joints together in one step, but without rig?
Again not something that is desperately needed, since we can import the full Lara model and delete the rig ourselves, just more convenient, since I assume this plugin is going to be used for outfit building a lot. (Please disregard if it would be much work to implement just so outfit builders can be lazy )

And last a bug report: When testing the outfits above I found the invert normals function to not work correctly.
When the option is un-ticked, it works as intended and both skin and joints have inverted normals (pointing to the inside of the model) in Blender, but when the option is left ticked only the joints get imported with their normals pointing outwards, while the meshes for the skin remain unaffected and still have their normals pointing inwards.

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