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Originally Posted by perryloo View Post
Very Interesting again

Can you please explain how to do the UPV glitch to get it into the air, while Lara is using it in the water. @2.50 time.

Also once you get the UPV flying in air, it does not get sucked instantly down into the water when flying over water. Can you explain the reason? @3.01 time.

The reason I ask this, is that I have seen other youtube videos where a player gets the UPV into the air, but always gets sucked down over water. Weird
Thank you.

To do the UPV glitch you have to accelerate and then press the dismount button for about half a second and then accelerate again.

When you do the UPV glitch, you can dismount it onto dry land. If you drive the UPV into the ground, then it's possible to get back onto it. Your airbar will start to go down and if you go over water then you'll get sucked straight down into the water. However, if you get back onto the UPV on dry land and you do the UPV glitch again then your airbar will freeze and you won't get sucked back down into water when going over water.
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