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Arrow Keeping The Door Open After Flooding The Room (High Security Compound)


In order to make progress there's a room that you have to flood, near the start of the level. After flooding the room, the door that led you into the room normally closes, meaning that you can't backtrack through the door or re-enter through it later on. In this video, I show you that it's possible to avoid the spot which causes the door to close, meaning that you can keep the door open. It requires the use of a jump-by glitch, and is easy enough to pull off. It seems that you still can't backtrack through the door once the room is flooded, even though the door is open. It's as if there's a wall made of the water. You can however, re-enter the flooded room through the door once you're back on the otherside. Though you can't go back through the door due to the wall of water. You'd have to go the long way again, unless you'd rather drown. This doesn't have much of a useful purpose, but I felt that the discovery was worth sharing.
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