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Cdaudio Wad editor should do the trick. Allows you to open tr3s cdaudio.wad and import/play/export all its OST, cutscene tracks and ambience tracks.

Import a WAV or OGG over, the ambient tracks for those levels. Closing the program will then save the change.

If you're looking into adding a new actual ingame trigger (as per meteorite cavern fix) to force play a track once - this I'm not 100% sure of.
There is an older tool called TRscrp which could force a text based trigger onto a certain tile but I'm not sure how compatible it is on newer OS - and there may be a newer tool to do so. I did think of TRMOD but I think that's limited to TR1 and TR2 level files only.

Not sure of any other tools that allow one to place a trigger into a post-compiled TR level. Maybe someone else can chime in sardoc may have - hex edited it in (meteorite fix)

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