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Originally Posted by .snake. View Post
I think this is a really brilliant fan-theory The13thEylsium, and I'm surprised it doesn't have more traction, or more people interested.

I would say Sophia is the true main villain of TR3, perhaps not by intention but more so by accident - in the way that she has the last laugh and survives longer than Willard does.

The Lost Artifact's story is of course a bit of a 'retcon-ing' of TR3's ending, since both Sophia and Willard blow up in TR3 when Lara kills them (just like Tony and Puna). TLA's story intro text tells us that the human Willard crawls up out of the crater after Lara, which allows her to find his wallet (so he didn't really explode) and then of course, Sophia makes her return as well, so we know that her explosion at the end of London also meant nothing.

This of course begs the question: did Tony's and Puna's explosions also mean nothing? But for the sake of argument let's just ignore those two).

Perhaps they explode, but then somehow rematerialize again? Maybe they only die due to Lara's gunfire, and Sophia is the only one not shot-to-death by Lara in TR3, but electrocuted. Sophia only get's shot to death later on in TLA's Reunion, meaning this must be her real demise.

Either way, Sophia must've somehow worked out a better and more stable formula of the meteorite's powers than Willard did (even though he used all 4 in a fancy ritual chamber at that) since he still died, even after reverting back to human form, but Sophia somehow continued on. It must be due to her age, as you mentioned. She's been around since the 1800s we can assume, and so probably had more time to work with the meteorite artefact she got in London, as opposed to Willard who started his work in the 90s.

Another interesting piece of information that is often overlooked is: People tend to see Willard as the one in charge of RX-Tech, and that all the guys there are working for him. Yes, maybe he is the lead-scientist on the team. But he's definitely not the boss at the top. The clue for that is given in the opening FMV (text transcript taken from Tomb Raider Traveler's Guide)

The 'sir' clearly implies that Willard is working for someone - but who? Clearly there is some sort of shadowy presence bigger than Willard and behind the entire RX-Tech operation. Willard obviously went rouge at one point and started doing the experiments for his own purposes, but it's clear he isn't the one funding all this. So perhaps SLinc is actually the enterprise behind RX-Tech? Or perhaps there is someone bigger than both Sophia and Willard behind all this?
Thank you! Honestly I'm just happy that anyone took the time to read it! XD
As for the "explosion" when the characters die - i suppose you could explain it as a gameplay mechanic, as Willard returned to his human form, and presumably Sophia was just knocked unconscious in the City level.

As for the mysterious Sir, it's strange that he is never mentioned again, although he could have been anyone!
IIRC wasn't Willard also recovering oil from Antarctica? Maybe it was simply an investor or oil magnate simply wondering how far Willard was getting? XD
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