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With sufficient knowledge, it's quite easy to monitor what you are doing on the internet. The things he can always see - even without lots of tools, etc. is _what pages/sites_ you visit. If your connection to these sites is insecure (http instead of https for example), he could also spy on the content.
If your connection is https secured, he is able to see which sites you visited (and when), but not what you did on there (he can't see form data, like what you replied in a thread or something, or your usernames and passwords). But even if the site is using https - If the content you watch is freely accessible (without requring a specific account to watch), he can just enter the urls you visit in his browser to see what you saw.

Since he acts as your provider, it's near impossible yo hide how much data you use each month/week/ day, as probably his router (the one you're connected to) can track data usage (this is why he saw your IP address was consuming data).

If you want to hide your browsing habits completely from your brother, you'd probably have to set up some kind of VPN. This way, all traffic is encrypted on your machine - so he won't even be able to see which pages you visited; he'll only see the connection to the VPN in his logs. There are public solutions available, but most of them will cost you money.
Also, TOR Browser is designed to hide your traffic and identity from the outside world, but since it can be used to access the darknet and do all kinds of illegal stuff, usage might be frowned upon / even be illegal in your country (since you'd also hide your browsing habits from the authorities).

If you feat your brother might be spying on you, getting your own internet contract with a seperate physical connection is probably the easier option (but of course will also cost money)
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