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I see..
Its nothing major really - I might use the NGLE function instead and load a picture instead (like tr1-3)

I'm also having a minor issue with inventory positions and the items revolving when Lara picks an item up.
I have a gemstone but the coordinates are all messy.
The inventory doesn't even show it at all (it must be upwards offscreen?)
And when it is picked up, the item is showing, but it spins wildly on an orbit and goes off the screen (instead of spinning on the spot)

I tried looking at the tutorial on here but its far to complex for me to understand.
I tried random number changes to see if I could get any idea on its position - but so far the only thing that kind of worked was moving it further away

It is an item which Lara pries off the wall, so it starts it position on the wall and it is off center (when I used WADmerger to check position like in tutorial)
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