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I know I should know better than to post in this old thread, but I just bought Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - Game of the Year Edition (on DVD-ROM) by Aspyr. I ran into the same launch errors on Windows 10. I have a solution that I want to post in as many places as possible.

I had to locate an updated EXE; this launches my retail disc copy just fine.

In case anyone in the future runs into the problem of loading up their retail disc copy of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey on DVD or CD, please do the following.

1. Install Dreamfall: TLJ as normal from your disc(s).
2. Download this modified EXE: here.
3. Extract it to your game installation directory, replacing your retail disc EXE.
4. Launch the game. It should load properly.

Please excuse this post, mods, as I don't know where else to share this solution.
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