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Originally Posted by Johnnay View Post
I’m waiting for any comment after this to how people are feeling knowing the recent news that TR got sold to Embracer Group
It doesn't bother me Tomb Raider stopped being of interest to me a long time ago after Tomb Raider was handed over to Crystal Dynamics, what I disliked most about Legend was Lara constantly going on and on about her missing mother it got very old after a while.

While it was great that we could visit Lara's Home again I was disappointed that the butler wouldn't follow Lara like he did in Core Design's games or hide behind his tray when guns were pointed at him and that I couldn't lock him in the freezer and being in constant contact with those two guys back at her house.

Being in constant radio contact took away the feeling of being isolated in a tomb.

While Lara's butler did follow her around in Legend, he did it by teleporting from one room to another without walking behind her everywhere she went.

I played Anniversary too which was the last Tomb Raider game that I played I still prefer the PS1 version over the remake, the fight with the T-Rex sucked, all he did was walk around in circles not attacking me except for when his rage meter was full only then would he attack and charge towards me and when he was dead his body became a convenient stairs to the next area.

Tomb Raider stopped being relevant to me a long, long time ago same goes for The Simpsons.
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