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Originally Posted by laravision View Post
Are you referring to the usual Tomb2 setup dialog as shown above? If so, this was the first thing I advised them to do
that's exactly what I was talking about

Originally Posted by laravision View Post
I've read that if you don't have a secondary (integrated) graphics card to choose from in the setup, it could potentially disable the hardware mode option due to modern graphics cards being to "new" for classic TR. Is there any truth to this?
not sure, but certainly it does sound like something unreasonably reasonable for the 1997 setup to come up with
like soundblaster soundcard emulation is in order (at least for TRI) the moment your soundcard is anything but soundblasterlike...
and that's just when conjuring up a wrapper entity comes in handy

dgVoodoo is one and supposedly will do the trick, insofar as one's card real vs. virtual type doesn't even matter anymore

I have never used that around TRII myself though

I guess their best option would be to ask directly from Dege (dgVoodoo's maker) whose advice usually comes fast and pretty useful.
Judging by
it would seem 100% compatible.
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