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TRNG Updater
(Released 23 June 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug about FMV trigger. In previous versions the FMVs had problems on some computers when they were played in full screen mode.
    See also the demo example
  • Added CUST_FMV_CUTSCENE constant, to customize the viewing of FMVs (video cutscenes) in game.
    If you are not satisfacted about the viewing of FMV you should read the documentation about FMV_... constant values and also for the new setting constant SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN, to use in Settings= command in [Otpions] section.
    See also the demo example
  • Added new settings constant SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN.
    This setting should be used with Settings= script command to place in [Options] section and permits to have a non-exclusive full screen mode.
    It was the "exclusive" mode to get difficultous the playing of FMV in previous version, so now,using the soft full screen mode we solved the problems about playing fmv when player set its tomb4 in full screen mode.
    Remark: if tomb4 had been set as Windowed mode the SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN setting will have no effect.
  • Added new global trigger GT_FMV_COMPLETED, to detect when a fmv has been completed.
  • Added in NG_Center the new panel "Media".
    The first new tool in this panel is the [WMV Encoder] Since many people get leak results with encoding FMV from AVI to WMV, I supplied a professional front-end for Microsoft WMV encoder, with some infos about correct settings to get good quality WMV videos.
    Remark: at first execution the NG_Center will download and install byself the Microsoft WMV Encoder program.
  • Added new global trigger GT_TITLE_SCREEN, to detect the current screen showed in title level.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enmey the (E)transparecy level".In previous version the max value to set was "127" but with that value some moveables (like animating) disappeared forever. Now the max value is "126" and also the condition trigger to test transparency has been changed to check the max value "126".
  • Fixed bug about CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT setting. In previous version when you disabled the transparency for Lara in looking mode, the game had a crash.
  • Fixed bug in "Weather. Fog. Change Fog distance to <&>Distance in (E)seconds" and "Weather. Fog. Pulse Fog from current to <&>Distance in (E)seconds". In both triggers there was a bug causing the execution of these triggers only first time, while after, for whole level, the triggers didn't work anymore.
  • Fixed bug in trigger: "VolumetricFX. Enable Volumetric FX in current level". In previous version this trigger enabled correctly the fog bulbs but it let fog color in water and other transparent textures.
  • Fixed bug about items signed by fog in inventory. It seems some people had this problem, now I tried another way to remove fog effects from inventory viewing.
  • In NGLE it has been enhanced the error mexage: "EVIL: Unknown object type detected" with a new mexage to inform about the room and case where is this "Unknown object" You can find also the list of unknow objects in log file created using TOMB5log.exe utilty while you'are performing Output Wad with ngle.
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