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@AkyV, Since this is the correct thread for requesting plugins I just copy those requests here with couple of new additional ones

1. make the troop to be able attack first whenever i wish with a trigger
2. make possibility of baddy and baddy_2 enemies not to follow uzi clips and small medipacks
3. create a condition to check that particular enemy does damage to lara
4. make a possibility to make any enemy poisonous
5. disable earthquake effect off of squishy_block2
6. create a condition to check that lara used less, equal or more than... amount of medipacks
7. recreate the old style secret collection statistics system, where it tells how many secrets are in each level and at the end how many the player found in total (example: lvl1: 4/6 secrets found, lvl2: 2/3 secrets found, the end statistics 6/9 sercet sfound)
8. recreate old style medipack used statistics, where it tells exactly how many medipacks the player used (in TR4 it counts +1 each time regardless of using small or big medipacks while in TR3 it counts +0.5 for small and +1 for big medipack)
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