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It was actually a pretty decent game, it just had all this unnecessary mystique put up around it to mask the fact it's basically a delivery boy walking simulator 90% of the time. Nothing wrong with being what it is, but how do you show off gameplay like that without turning everyone off? Kojimas answer was not to, just show unconnected random clips of weird stuff happening with big name actors and let the hype train do its thing. I was nearly put off the game because of that and all the dumb "we don't even know what it is" stuff they kept spouting prerelease. It's a simple but engaging enough sci-fi plot well told with interesting characters and a beautiful world to explore set to some good music along the way. Why not just say so? Cause Kojima gotta Kojima! Even if TR is in some weird state of nonexistence at least they're point blank saying "Yeah we got nothing."
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