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link....8 links! As it is huge....114 mb....but in different hostings: rapidshare, sendspace, savefile....pls, download!
P.S.: You should choose every file to play TR:Innocence!
And so, about the story:
When Lara was a little girl, she lost her mum, as Lara was very bad girl! But Lara loved her mum and decided to return her! Lara chose way to Innocence. A bit wrong way to Innocence
(P.S.:There is Bolivia, Bolivia Redux, Japan)

What do You think?

My outfits here

Enjoy it! Enter outfits only with Innocent by Yatu ( forgot about some of them)! Your's Lafa
Legend ( all versions)
Biker ( all versions)
Dress ( all versions + Innocent by Yatu)
Bikini ( all versions)
Young Lara
Classic Lara ( all versions)

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