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Originally Posted by Carbonek_0051 View Post
Yup. it was a great starting point for the series but (IMO) the others didn't feel as enjoyable. Drake's Deception came close but fell apart in the last half. I really enjoyed the first half, especially getting to see Nate's past explored.
I still don't understand why you don't like U2 tbh I think the game is perfect and I hardly ever say that about a game. Everything just flowed so well, they took everything that made U1 good and made it even better, the new characters (especially Chloe) were a great addition to the series not to mention that Flynn was a badass villan.

U3 could've been the best Uncharted game, it started out so well (like you said), getting to know how Nate met Sully was one of the greatest things in the game (IMO). I just feel like it went all over the place at the end, the story didn't really go anywhere and didn't make much sense. I also think that it had too many locations, I mean you basically spent 2 chapters in one location and then moved on to the next, it was too much. That said I still think it's a really great game, it has one of the best action sequences i've ever seen in a game.
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