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Default It's the little things! Discoveries I made

EDIT: I will re-upload these images one day! All is not lost lol. God this is old.

Hello everyone! Since I am back from my internship in Spain I got lots of free time now. I really like to solve mysteries and that's why I spent one day to try solving things up. So I made some (new?) discoveries!

I started by looking up for rare beta pictures, mostly about how the Parisian Ghetto was supposed to be like. I also searched for stories the creators of the game published (mostly to promote the game to game sites and magazines). I found out real interesting things. I know that there are already plenty of threads about the beta shiz and stuff, but I just would love to make you all think about it again.

We all know about lot of things that were cut from the game. There are a lot of facts and also a lot of rumors about how the game was going to be. We all know that the game was supposed to be in 4 area's (Paris, Germany, Prague and Cappadocia), there was going to be a third playable character and blah blah blah. Old news. We all know that. It's more about the little things now! Let's start with the first level.

This is a beta picture of scenery in Parisian Backstreets. I wanted to make the same picture myself using TRAOD SCU so I could compare the two images.
Unfortunately, this didn't work out. Why not? Because the screen all went black, because this was in the way!

That means that this wasn't there when the developers made the beta picture. You can see that also when you go through the gate to the courtyard in the unfinished part of the level. There's suddenly a way through the wall as you can see here:

In this BETA video you can also see that there is no such a thing as a castle wall:

Well here is the thing. Why the heck is there a castle wall in the middle of Paris? Was this an unused wall/textures for Castle Kriegler? Was it because they had to fill up the gap there and they just put the unused wall there? It's weird that nobody noticed this before.

In that BETA video you can also see that the city guide guy was placed there, after you go down the stairs. If you know use TRAOD SCU to fly through the stairs, you can see that there is still something left from it:

Street light, strange pole at the right. Also the rain animation works very well.

In the unfinished part of the level there is a some sort square. Fly through the wall and you will find a random streetlamp:

Also, this square seems to be very likely with Werner Von Croy his apartment. Here is the front of the square in Parisian Backstreets:

Notice the stone decorated heads on the wall. They are the same as the one in the Von Croy Appartment level:

Also the buildings on the left in Parisian Backstreets and Von Croy appartment look the same.

Carvier Apartment level. According to BETA pictures, you didn't start the level right away by talking to Carvier.
You can see Carvier standing at the window and the door to the apartment is wide open.
Made a video about this and unlocked it. Some say it's a bug, judge yourself:

Link to the video I play it like this + how to do it yourself:

Next one is Parisian Ghetto. I found two floathing maps, one in the Cafe Metro area and the other one in the Doorman part:

This is just a little something I also found, it's more an easter egg I think.

You can use Google to find it. The place is real.


Avocat means lawyer. Deleted content maybe?
It was possibly a real level, the door is accessible via the cafe Metro part.
Here is the video:

Did somebody elso by the way notice, that when you use TRAOD SCU in Rennes Pawnshop to fly out of the building, that the building is not in it's place? It's actually inside the building on the opposite of Le Serpent Rouge.

Kurtis his bike

Cafe Metro or Cafe Alphonso?

Next, for the Monstrum Crimescene level, I found this BETA image. I tried to make the same picture like I wanted to in Parisian Backstreets. Luddick was in the BETA not in it's original place.

Also, when you speak with Luddick for the first time, he will show you his dossiers. When Lara says 'You call these dossiers' the camera will zoom in on the dossiers so we can all see them. The actual dossiers you see, are not the real ones on Luddick's car. You can see them here:

The real dossiers on the car are also in full size here, kinda creepy:

Also, we all know the place in the level where there are invisible platforms Lara can grab and climb up on (where you can find a hammer and one police guy). If you fly behind the two bins there, you can find this:

There is a door. If you check this out from the other side you can also find this door. There are also textures on the bins. You can find those textures on almost all of the bins in this level. The strange thing is, that there is a 'Vasiley' texture which is not used in the game as we can see.

I also found something really strange in the Sanatorium level. It's in the lab room where you have to shoot a lab assistant to get his card. This is his card:

'Abteilung von medizin' This is GERMAN! Not Czech!

Two floating daggers in Maximum Containment Area:

My conclusion to these little things I found is to wonder how messed up this game is. Were the developers just fooling around when they made the game? They forgot to take out a lot of things and they also placed a lot of things that don't even make sense just to keep it all together and it would be playable. What do you think?

EDIT: Also uploaded two videos:


The second video shows a hidden conversation at Hotel Eloise, I found out with the changing camera character option that this was supposed to be the original place for Janice (it pops up her animations). Actually kinda obvious that a prostitute would stand in front of a hotel, to get a room or something (don't forget the deleted animations for Janice like leaning on cars and accepting deals).
In this video you can also see that Janice is not in the place we know her to stay, at 1:06:
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