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Originally Posted by mrox2 View Post
First of all I know there was a thread dedicated to this > All things that were taken out from TRU

Didn't want to bump it though so I created this thread, and here is a little discovery, a full list of the costumes that are and were to appear on TRU PC and possibly PS3/360 ?

And mind you I only found that in the demo version and most data is not there, but you can see that most of the DLC Costumes were originally going to be released for PC and possibly other platforms but some of them were made exclusive to the 360 and the rest was not made/unreleased ?

The 360 only got 12 costumes, but 16 DLC costumes are listed here, very interesting !
do you guys think it's worth it to examine the final version and see if any of these can be used ?
I wouldn't think any of the deleted DLC would be usable considering none of the costumes are locked on disc. But interesting find never the less, you could look and at the least maybe find a untextured unfinished model but I wouldn't expect to find a fully textured model.

(Good call on not bumping that old thread It's been dormant for 6 years and I don't think the mods would appreciate it.)
We'll all miss you, Spong. R.I.P.

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