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I'm pretty sure all those costumes were or are "existent". The Xbox 360 got the majority of the "dlc_costume_*" set but there are actually some missing. I'm more than certain they had the costumes made, just didn't release them. Even the "dlc_doppel_costume_*" costume sets are no where within the DLC files. It's likely there's just an unreleased costume pack.

On the plus side, these names only mean they had costumes in these slots, but the names are useless without the actual data.

Another interesting one is the "unused dlc", Golden Shotgun:

Either way, I have been playing with Underworld myself lately. I can swap textures and all like I swapped the dlc_costume_o textures onto lara_jungle_a:


But..... when it comes to swapping singular mesh files... The game just won't have any of it. Until I can find a way of swapping individual meshes without the game freezing, I won't be porting the DLC costumes. IF I figure out how to switch a single mesh, I can 100% guarantee you I can port the DLC costumes from Xbox to PC
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