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TRViewer 1.083 revision 5g readme Sep 2016

This version tries to prevent crashes due to incorrect animation values.

Added code to create an animation of 1 keyframe when an animation with no keyframes stored is detected.

Added code to prevent out of range moveable animation indices being used to create an animation.(eg. Talos' Fireworks.tr4)

For some animations with FrameRates greater than 1, TRViewer calculates the number of keys to be less than actual number of keys stored according to FrameOffset info. This means keyframe data was lost when a level was saved.

Changed calculation of number of keyframes to use FrameOffsets instead of FrameEnd, FrameStart and FrameRate.

Added treeview icon for Scorpion and Wild Boar.

Compiled with Visual Studio 2013 CE so MicroSoft's VC++ 2013 redistributable may be needed.


Copy the exe to an existing TRViewer folder.
Copy TRCatalog.xml into existing "TRViewer\resources" folder to use new icons.
Check trsearch\Tools for some of my programs
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