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That's nice to hear! This maybe might fix some crash issues i've been having when attempting to export a total customized .tr4 file with new animations (from 3dsmax) - I always have to use an original .tr4 file instead to make things work :s

Anyways thanks for keeping contributing for this community, I and many more appreciate this

EDIT: Can I make a suggestion about this program?

For example: I open city.tr4. Then, suddently, I forget to add something, so I add an object to the wad, and compile it. So I try to open it again, this time, an updated version of city.tr4... however, it doesn't open again because it was already opened, so I have to close and then open the program so I can load the .tr4 file properly. Can this be changed? I'm sure this isn't a bug and was intentional.. just a suggestion though

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