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Looks like now is the time to start putting money on Bournemouth to win the Premier League Title and Arsenal to be Relegated; with only 36 games remaining, it's not like there's enough time for Bournemouth to slip up or for Arsenal to put things right. Conclusion: head down to the bookies while the odds are still attractive.

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Fulham, that's a better prediction than the Swansea one. It looks like most people tip Man City to retain the league, people are right to back them too. Seems Man Utd are being written off to win the league, I prefer that, atleast then we may surprise people but I forget we are not that good to watch, boring even.
It seems that I curse the Premier League underdogs when betting on them to win the Title; first Swansea, now Fulham. I bet on Swansea and they get Relegated, then I bet on Fulham and they start off two defeats. Congrats to Bournemouth; it's taken them just two games to earn more than half the total number of points that Derby County earned from 38 Premier League games. As for United, I think that Jose might have lost the dressing room again and the only solution is sacking him. Sacking him wouldn't be necessary if he could just come forward and admit to being wrong and letting the players have it their way, but Jose would never admit to being wrong.

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I'm not usually too optimistic going into a new season, but I've got a good feeling about Liverpool this time round. We've made some good acquisitions (Shaqiri for 13m in this transfer climate is an absolute steal) to hopefully give us the depth we've been missing for a while. Not quite perfect, but we're getting there. I still expect a City title win, but I think we've a great shot at getting second.
I don't know what to say about Liverpool. I personally find them harder to like than the other top sides, sorry. After what happened in 2015/2016, I find that a Season usually feels most complete when an underdog overachieves. But of course, Liverpool are no underdogs. Bournemouth have pleased me the most out of the underdogs.

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Man City are clear favourites for the title and they have the strongest squad, Liverpool have bought well and strengthened in the right areas it seems. Hope United's season is not derailed by Mourinho's behaviour and they can challenge City too. Alas, for Cardiff, I think it's relegation.
City probably are the statistical favourites, yes. They are much better off than their red rivals at the moment. I don't know when the next Manchester derby is, but unless something drastically changes, then I think United could be in for a thumping. Right now, I'd say that Chelsea and Bournemouth are looking the next strongest after City. Realistically speaking, Bournemouth probably can't hope for too much more than finishing in the top half, but we'll see.

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Man Utd suck, and it's sad.
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