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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Were they immortal gods in TR1? I thought that was just TRA.

I'm guessing they did just die. I can't remember if Tihocan's tomb was empty in TR1 just like in TRA.
I never considered them gods,besides Natla.(in TRA ofc, but even there I see her as a demigod...)
Also, Tihocan had a coffin, in his chamber. I think he was dead too (I mean if Natla in TR1 was only a human,then the others too.), since when Lara finishes reading the mural, the camera pans to Tihocan's coffin.

In TRA, Qualopec got mutilated by Natla (hence how she's became immortal(?) ) and eventually died. Yes, we seen his body to reanimate, but that doesn't mean he was there, as a person. (His grayed skin could prove this...)
Tihocan might be alive but disappeared, or he went down with Atlantis, so that is why his coffin was empty...
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