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Can't believe there was a topic about this on the front page of the section, and I completely missed it.

I watched the video, yesterday, though I admit I skipped a bit of the beginning to go straight to hear what you had to say about TR1.

I absolutely love the work you put on this video, both visually and in content. I'm a huge fanatic of TR1, and a lot of what you said mimicked how I feel about this game. Was a bit sad you didn't say anything about the Doppelgänger, nor the Torso.

While I think TR4 is the best one as a whole, TR1 to me is the definition of the experience. I guess some of that is due to the technology limitation.
Even as you showed the gameplay, or just how you showed the scenery was enough to bring chills. TR1 is the only TR game where I always am in awe when I revisit (though it is also due to the choice of my favorite ancient civilizations, and inclusion of disturbing horror elements), and feel genuinely immersed in the vast loneliness and slow build up of things.

It was a delight to watch, so thank you for sharing.
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