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Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
I'm curious as to how much of the environment work was finished before it was cancelled. The leaked trailer showed off unfinished areas (such as the Sanctuary of the Scion having the TR1 sphinx) but later screenshots showed more progress (the afrementioned sphinx having been replaced by a jackal sphinx). I'm guessing the enemy AI wasn't finished (no sign of any work on the Atlantean enemies, for instance).
IIRC, all environments were basically done (bar minor things here and there, maybe) except for Croft Manor and the last level (the bonus ending level that wasn't in TR1). I believe enemies were only implemented in Peru (though their AI presumably wasn't finished, either) and no enemies beyond Greece were modelled and/or animated. I don't know how far along the puzzles and traps were or how many of the cutscenes were "done" (I say "done" because no VO was ever recorded so they would be without sound in any case). The save system wasn't decided on or implemented yet from what I've read, not sure about the secrets system (I don't even know if it would've been the same as in TR1 or different). Obviously, there was no music yet (not sure if the placeholder SFX we hear in the trailers were actually implemented in the game or just added in the trailers via video editing software). AFAIK, we also don't know whether any of the characters besides Lara and Larson had been modelled.
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