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Originally Posted by scion05 View Post
The issue with the new reimagined continuation is that it simply wasn’t scary.
Visually the film was gorgeous, but there was simply no element of fear.
Very well acted, I must admit.

They seriously need to up their game.

I maintain that the scariest Halloween is by far H6. He was a brutal unstoppable killing machine in H6... especially the theatrical cut. The first 20 mins of RZH2 was also incredible.
Nah, Halloween 6 is straight up garbage in every single way imaginable. And I'm saying that as a fan of the film. The mask on the other hand, now that's godtier! I don't think the reboot needed much fear in the same way as others, the fear comes from the fact such a simple man can just walk into ones house and smash their brains into bits or stab you to death.

The bit in the middle where Michael just goes on a killing spree, that I found terrifying, and I'm saying that because it can happen. The film even makes fun of the simple concept, but it pulls it off so well.
Next year this time when I'm playing it (Bayonetta3) on Xbone-Mr GaGa–eventually
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