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Big fan of the series/Michael Myers over here. Easily my favorite slasher movie icon/series. Been watching the movies since I was a little kid. Had a few of them on VHS, plus Iíd watch them every time theyíd come on AMC MonsterFest in October.

The best ones in the series, imo, are probably the original first two, part four, and the 2018 sequel, and as much of a mess parts five and six are, I still enjoy those as well. Season of the Witch wasnít that bad, either. It would have been interesting to see the series go through with the anthology route like they were planning to.

The Curse of Michael Myers is probably my favorite out of them all not due to the storyline, but due to the atmosphere, the kills, the portrayal of Michael, and the mask. Thereís this sense of dread and doom thatís not like the others that I really love. Well, maybe also the second film. The mask is great, too, probably my favorite one next to the original and the 2018 masks, and George P. Wilbur and Allen Michael Lerner both kill it as Myers. The deaths are at their most brutal aside from the fourth and 2018 films. My favorite one is probably Debra Strodeís death by axe. It was also pretty satisfying to see that dickhead John Strodeís head explode, too.

Itís scarier that there is no reason behind his madness, but I honestly like the Thorn curse being Michaelís motivation for his immortality and bloodlust. Itís very gothic and pagan, and it adds to the atmosphere. I just wish it was executed differently. While it is more coherent in storytelling, the producerís cut made Michael seem like a puppet more than the embodiment of pure evil. The theatrical cut corrects this error in the end, and thatís why we have the operating room massacre: to show that you canít control evil.

I feel that they should have done something similar to the novelization of the first film: make it to where Michaelís evil is genetic, passed down from generations earlier. Make the power of Thorn more mysterious and cryptic.

Getting back to the 2018 film, I watched that on opening night, and it was an awesome experience. Great film.

But yeah, I love Halloween to death.

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