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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
its a funny story that im sure no one cares about. this isnt even technically a question but im gonna explain anyway

so i originally got The Tomb Raider Trilogy disc without rly doing any research. come to find out they ported TR:L wrong from X360 somehow and ****ed up the graphic rendering, TR:A is missing water effects, and TR:U... well, they actually fixed that one up a little, so there's a silver lining

but as time went by and my collection grew, it felt odd to have separate PlayStation copies of each game and then there was just LAU as 1 disc. it was kind of like "ok there's this era and this era, and this happened too i guess lol."

that and after i did a lot of research i found out how godawful Legend and Anniversary are on PS3. so i gave my PS3 Trilogy disc to my nephew and i bought PS2 copies of Legend and Anniversary, and Underworld on my own

i went into this knowing that i'd have to hundo TR:L and TR:A again, but unfortunately, b/c of the bug fixes to TR:U, saves made w/ Trilogy TR:U aren't compatible with standalone TR:U. so i had to hundo that all over again to get my lovely concept art, and... storyboards... ugh.

it wouldve been cool if by hundoing TR:U they'd put in the golden shotgun and silver mini-uzis again. like just make them selectable from the weapon menu. but no, we just... we just get concept art. ok thanks
Booooy for some 2008 concept art. I played Underworld recently and I was trying to get the Arctic Sea relic. But platforming and that game just donít mix so I just said thuck it and dipped through aha
Handle it.
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