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Originally Posted by Catapharact View Post
Unfortunately, the Indian Moon Mission ended in failure:

Its really hard to stick the landing of the Module; Something that Neil Armstrong learned first hand during the Apollo 11 mission. He nearly exhausted all of the fuel of the module during the Lunar Landing. It was a close call of say the least.

This is the second failed lunar landing attempt this year. In April, an Israeli mission to the Moon ended in failure as well.
If you've ever played that old arcade game Lunar lander, which is a crude 2d simulation, you know that sort of thing is not as easy as it looks.

Pfft... Pfft... turn.. twist... pfft... oh ****... AAAAAAHH! CRASH

Sorry, Neil.

The Israelis seem to have bad luck in space. Their first astronaut hitched a ride on the Columbia shuttle in 2003, and we know how that ended up.

Maybe God is sending them a message...

Of other Jews who have gone into space, AFAIK the only one to have died was Judith Resnick on the Challenger back in 1986.
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