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Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
No Croft Manor to explore and have fun in like in TRL and TRA.
Originally Posted by Jamise_Croft View Post
Why Lara has those big hands and long leggs?? lmao
Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Had no weapon or ammo pick-ups at all.

Falling damage being an inconsistent mess.
Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
I extremely hate it.

Thailand is one of my most hated Tomb Raider levels and the soundtrack is boring at times. The story is weak and kinda wrecked what Legend started. I won't even mention the animations.
I also hated that we got every weapon at the start of the game and never got to collect anything aside from the many many secrets and a few health pickups.
This just sums everything.
  1. Lame story
  2. Boring Lara
  3. Ugly animations
  4. Retcons
  5. Fanservice
Must be a way to free another cart.
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