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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
i screamed when i saw this thread. y'all are something else

anyway my issues with TR:U are this:

- animations (i think they had the mocap actress move at half speed then sped the mocap footage up. if you slow lara's animations down it looks great)

- the transition from arthurian myth to norse myth is breakneck speed and comes out of nowhere (lara: what the hell is avalon? natla: it's helheim from norse mythology lol)

- unlockables are a joke. (really stinging from this one b/c i just had to do a hundo run for my "100% tomb raider save files collection.") it'd be better if they gave you the golden shotgun and silver uzis like TR:A did, plus a couple extra costumes

- xbox exclusive DLC (11 friggin years later)
Most of these are the result of fanservice:
Shoehorning Natla to their third game to please Classic fans,
People wanting Lara to go to ‘tombs’, which is just remote locations on the earth.
The ‘we don’t want outfits, ‘cause Classic games didn’t have it’ attitude.
We want pRoPeRr secrets, ala the Classics, which are ancient cups, or golden skulls, or golden roses.
‘We want an TR game urgently’
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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